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"Buck Slips" Re-Imagined

Announcing new & improved Informational Inserts

Based on feedback from clients like you and the Pet Parents you serve, we are revamping our informational insert, affectionally referred to as "Buck Slips."

We love the convenience of the Buck Slip, especially as many clients we work with receive license renewal forms through the postal mail and don't necessarily have a chance to speak with Pet Parents in person about the tags. 

While we know the Buck Slips are helpful, we also realized that there was some potential additional real estate to add information through using a tri-fold layout. 

Our new and improved tri-folds are being finalized now and we will send a note when they are on their way to the printers for you to request the number of copies you might need for distribution. 

We plan on having a version available in Spanish for you to be able to distribute, too!

Client Newsletter Graphics (5).png

Yes, your eyesight is fine! We made the photo blurry as we finalize the draft.

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