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What Is Shelter Share?

It’s important that you understand the overview of PetHub’s Premium Service because it is the #1 way your organization can earn money BACK from the PetHub tag program through Shelter Share. Watch the Premium Service Overview video on our Program Tools page ( to learn even more.

We started our Shelter Share program to do our part in giving back to the organizations that are focused on helping lost and displaced animals in their communities.

Animal welfare organizations that distribute customized PetHub ID tags to pets in their communities (through license, rabies or other ID programs) are part of PetHub Shelter Share. As pet parents register their pets and activate their Powered by PetHub tags, they have the option to upgrade to PetHub’s Premium Service.

When customers upgrade their pets to PetHub’sPremium Services, we donate a portion of our profits back to the community animal welfare organization that gave them the PetHub tag.

What a win-win! Every time pet parents choose to upgrade, they not only help protect their furry family members, but they also help local municipal and animal welfare organizations as well!

Plus, because most of our Premium Service accounts have recurring subscriptions, every year, your program can earn a bigger donation! We’ve got a little video on our program tools page for you to watch about how you can help your program’s Shelter Share have the biggest impact.

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