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 Sophi's pet license (a Powered by PetHub tag) issued by San Francisco Animal Care and Control, helped her get home in less than a hour! 

"Thank you! Our staff is super jazzed about the new pet licenses. The PetHub team made it so easy with the beautiful tags and signage! Not to mention all the benefits of the tags --that will help increase licensing and compliance and decrease the number of pets entering the shelter. Your team is the best!"

-Katie Ingram,
Placer County Animal Services-

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"My dogs briscoe and tucker executed a jailbreak saturday afternoon we looked tirelessly for them. i got call first think sunday morning they were found just few miles away.


Thanks to PetHub, my boys are back where they belong, safe and sound. "

-Briscoe & Tucker's Mom, San Antonio, TX-


-Laura Atwood,
Anchorage Animal Care and Control-

"Anchorage Animal CAre and Control introduced PetHub-powered dog license tags in 2019. Our community is deifinitely excited about the new tags and it shows - This is the first year that municipal dog license sales have increased with over 250 more tags sold in the first two months than in 2018. We're looking forward to a long and successful partnership with PetHub."


"Our clients love the new tags! We have edited our license renewal notices to include info about the new tags so many dog owners are option to upgrade!"

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-Juanita Gunter,
Santa Cruz County
Animal Shelter-


"Stella got out and was missing for just under an hour before we got a call she was found. I cannot say enough wonderful things for PetHub and the service you provide!! Thank you so much to each and every one of you for the work you do and the prayers you send up for all of our four legged children!".

- Stella's Mom
Nashvilile, TN -

"We love what PetHub tags are doing for our community. Both Good Samaritans and our Animal Control Officers love how easy it is to get lost pets home without having to bring them into the shelter to get a microchip scanned -- not only are these animals getting home more quickly, it's saving our shelter money."

-Dawn Davies, Wenatchee Valley Humane Society-


"Our dog Bear has always been a free-spirited pack animal seizing the day if he is granted an opening. He has gotten out several times and always makes it home not long after thanks to PetHub. I personally applaud the resources of human kindness and technology that make the PetHub service possible, convenient and efficient."


In just the first 3 months of Powered by PetHub license tag program, Carroll County, VA saw a 20% increase in pet licensing, fueled by the enhanced publicity and marketing support they received from PetHub, and public enthusiasm for the new tags.

- Bear's Dad, Santa Cruz, CA -

- Kelly Keiner, Carroll County Humane Society -

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