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Digital Lockers are WAY Cooler than Lockers at Gyms!

Announcing our "Digitial Locker" and what it means for you!

Have you ever thought to yourself "I wish the information we hand out to Pet Parents before they leave our facility was also available for folks to access online?"


Imagine a world where your volunteers or staff spent less time and money making copies and stapling paperwork and more time on other important tasks. That could be a reality with our Digital Locker!

We will collect and digitize the handouts you normally provide to Pet Parents at the time of adoption or acquiring a pet license, and those records will be available to folks as soon as they activate their PetHub tag. It will be available on-demand from that point forward. 

Sound like an awesome idea?! We thought so, too.

Here's what we need from you to get things started. Email your frequently distributed documents to clientsuccess@pethub.comOnce received, we'll start to assemble a digital locker for you and the population you serve.

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