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What is PetHub?

PetHub is a pet data platform &

pet parent membership service

Who are our customers?

PetHub members are excited to learn about great pet-related products

What makes us unique?

We amplify connected content because people like to consume different media

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Exclusive advertising and sponsored content opportunities
connect with over 1 million pets parents.

Your Product or Service in Multiple Content Types

PetHub Connected Content provides easily accessible education to
accommodate diverse learning styles and preferences.


A curation of videos, articles, podcasts, infographics & more

  • Sponsored Articles

  • Corresponding Infographics

  • Educational Podcasts

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Great products at deals exclusively for PetHub Premium Members
  • Exclusive Premium Members Deals

  • Featured multiple times annually

  • Article & email inclusion

Mouser Emails
Weekly insights on important topics related to fur kids.
  • Feature in Evergreen Series

  • Welcome Series Spotlight

  • Special Nurture Series

Pet products and services the PetHub team reviews and shares

  • Connected Shopping Lists

  • Featured multiple times annually

  • Article & email inclusion

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