PetHub Press

See how others announced their new tag program!


See how Anchorage, Alaska is getting the word out!

  • ​​(Great video explanation of the PetHub tag program)

  • (USA Today - informative short explanation of what our tags include with the QR code)

  • (Seattle Times - longer explanation of what information the QR code shows and informs readers about the new tag program and why they chose PetHub!)

  • (Anchorage Daily News - another great longer informative article on the PetHub tag program)


Check out how Sacramento, CA is explaining their new tags!

  • (Sacramento Bee - video and article explanation of PetHub tag program)

  • (City of Sacramento explanation of PetHub Tag Program)

  • (Fox 40 - Press on Fourth of July and the importance of the new PetHub tag program) 


Coconut Creek, FL: 

  • (Great video explanation of the PetHub Tag Program)

Other Press:

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