May 2022

Denver Humane Society

Sometimes Press Releases can be underestimated as a potential tool to raise awareness regarding upcoming events, special announcements, or educational campaigns. When they are done well and shared with the correct member of a publication's staff, it can lead to huge exposure for little to no cost to the organization. 

That's exactly what's happened with the Denver Animal Shelter. Recently, their press release announcing, "National pet ID week," led to some amazing press coverage and included a nearly five-minute on-air interview with their local news channel. It's a clip that can be shared on their social channels, in their community, and potentially picked up and used by larger news outlets. 

Not sure what constitutes a reason for a press release? You might get some helpful ideas by looking at our "Current Events" page which lists pet related events and holidays that you could capitalize on and get some amazing free press coverage. 

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