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We love learning about happy tails of pets making their way home because of their PetHub tags! 

Check out some stories below and please let us know of similar stories in your community.

San Diego Humane Society

  • "Kota was returned home last night! I'm so thankful for PetHub!"

  • "Thank you PetHub for checking on Molly. She is home safe and sound. So grateful for PetHub and the person who found her."

  • "Thank you VERY MUCH for your emails. Yes-Smitty was found-he had escaped and was found on the street by a very nice person."

Anchorage Animal Care & Control

  • “Hi, Yes, Luna was safely at home the whole time. A neighbor kid found her tag, which had apparently come off on our walk. It was cool to see an 8-year-old work the technology to return the tag! She was really cute as she compared the photo on her phone to Luna ‘in person.’ Thanks! I’m impressed by how well that worked.”

  • "Thank you so much for reaching out. Yeti was found and I picked him up. Just so glad it was someone caring who wanted to get a pet back to their owner. Really appreciate the assistance. Hope this never happen again…"

  • "PetHub was Huge in getting Aleutia back!!! We were in the park and she got hurt when she ran into a horseshoe stake while chasing a tennis ball. She laid down and I was glad that her front right leg wasn't broken. She seemed OK. I looked up not 5 minutes later and Aleutia was gone. I searched all around the park for a half hour and couldn't find her. I thought she laid down in the woods and was scared after being injured. I called my wife and daughter to drive out to the park and help look for her. I was really worried, as she hardly ever leaves my side! Just then, I got a call from PetHub, that someone had found Aleutia. They connected me to Jason who picked her up in his car on the edge of the road. He got her back to me in another 5 minutes and I was so thankful and relieved!!! PetHub was Huge in getting Aleutia back so quick!!! I'm keeping her away from the horseshoe pits now!!! Thanks PetHub!"

Winnebago County Animal Services

"1st our PetHub tags are provided by our County Animal Services when we pay for yearly vaccinations. All we need to do is register on PetHub and keep our info up to date. This has been the BEST service our County Animal Services Dept has ever provided.

About Daisy's Adventure:


Daisy, her little 8 lb self, slipped through a gap in the fencing. She was gone roughly 20 minutes before I noticed. We have only had Daisy about 6 months and she is a breeder rescue. She is used to having puppies and other dogs caged with her all the time. We do have two 25 lb dogs and she loves to try and lay on top of them but, they won't let her.


So, in her search of dogs to pile on, Daisy sniffed out a wonderful home in our area that also adopted a rescued breeder dog; a large dog that Daisy cuddled right up to and laid with.


Margaret, the finder, checked Daisies tag, contacted you and then immediately called me. Within 30 minutes, of my having put Daisy in the back yard, I knew that was safe. Margaret was wonderfully reassuring. She sent me several pictures while she waited for my husband to get off work and pickup Daisy.


We will be forever grateful to both Margaret & PetHub!"

Daisy Winnebago County.jpeg
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