Don’t miss an opportunity to celebrate and network with others in the industry. Check out our monthly calendar to see upcoming events and holidays for pets AND people.


National Pet Preparedness Month - Emergencies are never fun to think about, but helping to prepare for them, just in case, is something we care about. Share this article for info Pet Parents in your community can use now to feel more prepared for emergencies.

National Pet Anxiety Awareness Month - An anxious pet can be a challenge for Pet Parents and those working in animal welfare. Check out PetHub's website and social media throughout the month for helpful hints you can use and share. 

Adopt a Cat Month Kitten season is likely already in full swing where you are. We want to hear your stories about cat and kitten rescue and adoption that we can share and celebrate with you! Fill out this form if you have events you'd like us to share for Adopt a Cat Month with our 500,000 email subscribers and on social media!

June 5-11 - Pet Appreciation Week - This is a great opportunity to highlight adoption stories and pets in their new homes with their families and critter siblings.

June 19 - Father's Day - Pet dads are something to be celebrated! We love seeing their special bond and hope you spread the love on your social feeds.

Members of the PetHub Team will be Attending

  • June 5-8 - Prairie States Animal Welfare Conference - Bloomington, IL

  • June 15-17 - The Association for Animal Welfare Advancement (AAWA) Conference - Chicago, IL


National Lost Pet Prevention Month - Did you know that PetHub founded Lost Pet Prevention Month? We are passionate about sharing resources with Pet Parents and clients that will help ensure pets stay happy and safe at home. We will have helpful resources posted on our website and social channels throughout the month for you to share with your communities.

July 4 - Independence Day You likely experience an influx of lost pets shortly after the fourth of July who were spooked by fireworks, loud noises, or large gatherings. Be sure to check out Lost Pet Prevention Month resources on our site you can share to hopefully reduce the number of intakes you have and encourage your community to register their PetHub tags and put them on their pet's collars to enhance Return-to-Home efforts.

July 10- National Kitten Day KITTENS! So, many, kittens! You can highlight this holiday by hosting a virtual kitten shower fundraiser. Showcasing your kitten fosters on social media is something we'd love to see and help share the love, too.

July 15 - National Pet Fire Safety Day - Fire safety is something important to discuss year-round but you can capitalize on this day by informing your community what resources are available to help protect pets and their humans near you. Put a call out on social for folks to share videos of fire drills where they live, encourage neighbors to check their smoke detectors and replace batteries; highlight evacuation information and pet friendly resources in the event of a wildfire.

Members of the PetHub Team will be Attending

  • July 7-9 - Best Friends National Conference - Raleigh, NC

  • July 21-24 - NACO National Association of Counties Annual Conference - Aurora, CO


Arrr-gust: International Pirate Month - Are there pets in your facility that have plundered the hearts of your team? Why not feature them on your social media? Photoshopping a parrot on their shoulder or near a treasure chest of gold is fun and low cost.


National Immunization Awareness Month - It’s just as important to keep our pets up-to-date with their vaccinations in order to live long and healthy lives. This could be a great opener to highlight any vaccine services your organization offers to animals in the community.


August 5 - National Work Like A Dog Day - We know how hard you and your team work. This day is a great opportunity to show those who follow you an 'inside scoop' on a typical day-in-the-life of the animal care world. There's no "normal" in your day-to-day, but that's the point. It's time to peel back the layer for all to see.


August 15 - National Check the Chip Day - 

Microchips are still a crucial tool in keeping pets safe, happy, and home! You can refer to or share this article as a resource for educating your community about microchips and how their PetHub tag acts as a supplement


August 17 - Black Cat Appreciation Day - Help break some of the superstitions behind black cats and showcase some of your sleekest, green-yellow eyed beauties!