How PetHub Works

You are probably wondering how these PetHub tags work. That’s a great question, and it’s pretty simple! These are the next generation of ID tags for pets and help keep them out of shelters and get them home to their families quicker!

The Tag

PetHub ID tags consist of three main pieces:

  1. Call Center Number - all tags come with our free 24/7 Found Pet Hotline direct phone number. Some municipalities may choose to have their own direct line on the tag instead.

  2. ID/License Number - every tag will have a unique ID number that will correspond with the QR code. If your PetHub tags are license tags, then the ID number will also be the pet’s license number.

QR Code - each tag has a unique QR code that, when scanned, will lead to the pet’s online profile (managed by the pet parent).

The Profile

1. The pet parent creates their pet’s free online profile on The profile contains info about the pet including their name, breed, age, medications, allergies, multiple emergency contacts (called the pet’s “Safety Circle”), etc.

Also, pet parents have the ability to set privacy levels for all information added to the pet’s account and choose what will and will not show when the pet’s tag is scanned. Please note: shelter personnel and PetHub Customer Care & Found Pet Hotline Teams will be able to see all provided information about the pet in order to facilitate lost pet reunions and technical support.

2. The pet parent then activates their PetHub tag by linking it to the pet’s profile.

3. Pet parents have the option to choose their level of protection, either our free Basic Service (included with every pet profile) or our Premium Service (we’ll get to more about that later).

Lost Pet Recovery Tools

Basic Service

When the tag is scanned with a smartphone, the pet rescuer can see all the information the pet parent has made public on their pet’s profile including contact info.