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Answering Citizen Questions

Packaging & Buck Slips

PetHub tags come in a small blister pack that has key information to help the pet parent get their new tag set up correctly. Sometimes pet parents are so excited to get their new ID tag on their pet’s collar that they forget what you said about how to activate the tag. Then they look at the tag and see “Please Scan or Call” -- but those instructions are for pet finders, not pet owners.

They cannot call the number listed on the physical tag to activate it.

Be sure to take the time to show pet parents the tag’s packaging and Buck Slip because both of those will direct them to to activate their tag.

Tag Packaging

  1. Tag & split ring to secure it to the pet’s collar.

  2. Activation web address: -- this is where pet parents go to quickly set up their pet’s profile and activate the tag when they get home. The whole process should take about 5 minutes and is super simple and mobile friendly!

  3. Email support if they have any questions. Our team is there to help with anything pet parents may need! Please note: emailing our team is MUCH faster and more effective than calling.

Info Slips

Also provided are “Buck Slips” that provide a quick reference for the tags and how the program works. Please use these as a conversation starter to tell folks about the cool things the tags can do, and how upgrading to the optional Premium Services can help your program raise funds through Shelter Share.

Laminated Helper Sheet

PetHub has provided laminated one sheets for your organization to provide helpful, easy to access info to help you answer pet parent questions:

QR Reader Apps

Many pet parents will ask how to get a QR reader for their smartphone. Most newer phones (those produced in 2018 and beyond), actually have QR readers built into the camera on the phone and simply pointing the camera (app on) at the tag will detect and read the PetHub QR code.

However, there are many free QR app readers available for both iPhones and Androids. They are all reliable, and work well with our tags. To find them, simply type “QR Reader” into the app store search bar (and they should NOT need to pay for an app as the free versions are more than adequate). Here are a few examples of the icons they will see:

QR Readers iPhone (examples only)

QR Readers Android (examples only)

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